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More Star Wars Games Are Coming From EA, Despite End Of Exclusivity Deal

More Star Wars Games Are Coming From EA, Despite End Of Exclusivity Deal

The dead speak!

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The dead speak! Despite recent reports that Electronic Arts had lost its exclusive license to publish Star Wars games two years earlier than planned, the publisher confirmed that it will continue to work with the newly reformed Lucasfilm Games on new titles based in the universe.

In a post over on the official Star Wars blog, Douglas Reilly, VP of Lucasfilms Games, said: "we're really proud of the games we have created with EA".

"We will continue working with them and our relationship has never been stronger. While we may not have a lot of details to share at the moment, we've got a number of projects underway with the talented teams at EA."

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order /
EA, Respawn

Earlier this week Disney confirmed the revival of Lucasfilm Games, the former home of all Star Wars titles that was ultimately shuttered during Disney's acquisition of the franchise and subsequent ten-year video game deal with EA. All future Star Wars games will now be published underneath the Lucasfilm Games banner, and developers and publishers across the board will now be able to get involved - if they have the right idea.

"We try and help them leverage their passion, expertise, and idea by bringing our expertise around the IP, our ability to connect with other parts of Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company, to amplify that. To make it even bigger than they might imagine," Reilly explained.

Lucasfilm Games has already been busy this week. Bethesda announced a brand-new Indiana Jones game from Wolfenstein developer MachineGames, while Ubisoft Massive confirmed it's working on an open-world Star Wars title.

While EA's approach to the Star Wars license got off to a rocky start, the publisher has more than won fans over in recent years. Star Wars Battlefront II has been vastly improved, while Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons are excellent titles worthy of your attention. It's good news, then, that EA will likely get to continue with some of its more successful franchises under the new Lucasfilm Games banner.

In fact, there are already multiple reports that suggests that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 is in development at Respawn Entertainment. We've also heard whispers that work is gearing up on a next-gen Star Wars Battlefront 3. Are too many Star Wars games a bad thing? After nearly ten years with a relatively small amount to choose from, I'm more than happy to find out.

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