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'Minecraft' Studio Helps Make-A-Wish Kid Become A Developer For The Day

'Minecraft' Studio Helps Make-A-Wish Kid Become A Developer For The Day

He made a crater full of cows. The vision. The artistry.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, collaborated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to welcome a budding game developer to the team for a day of building whatever he wanted in the sandbox survival game.

Visiting the Seattle studio, the child said he wanted to "spend the day with game developers, learning the ins and outs of creating a game" and he had the opportunity to sit down with a number of different teams within Xbox throughout his day. "The Minecraft team tried to make our time with him something really unique," said the studio in the blog post.

"How did we do that? Well, by taking him on a quick, COVID-safe tour of our new studio space ⁠- and then letting him direct a build challenge, of course," continued the studio. "When we asked our young friend what his 'dream build'" was, he truly couldn't decide. There were so many wonderful things to build, and yet so little time during our visit!"

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Ultimately, the challenge they settled on was "let's make a crater and fill it with cows." A bold proposition, but a true artistic triumph if he and the other developers could pull it off. The crater boasted an observation deck plated with glass along its path, like the CN Tower, if the tower surveyed the bovine bounty of Toronto instead of the city's skyline.

The cow crater in 'Minecraft' /

Of course, the cows are the main attraction, but there is also the McDragons restaurant overlooking the crater as a pit stop. However, the restaurant holds a secret. Inside were dragon head dispensers, and when Vindicators walked across pressure plates, they were equipped with dragon heads. It sounded like a brilliantly bizarre time and the creation was unique to his young developer.

McDragons in 'Minecraft' /

"Our buddy had a great time, and really could have a future in restaurant management, we think," concluded Mojang. "He tells us he's been playing Minecraft since around the summer of 2017, during the World of Color update. His favorite mob was a tough one to nail down, but said Ender Dragons were high on his list. And when he's not playing Minecraft, he spends his time learning and working in the Unreal Engine."

Featured Image Credit: Julia M Cameron via Pexels, Mojang

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