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Massive 'Call Of Duty: Zombies' Outbreak Event Coming To 'Warzone' And 'Cold War’

Massive 'Call Of Duty: Zombies' Outbreak Event Coming To 'Warzone' And 'Cold War’

Zombies are stumbling into 'Warzone' it seems.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Another week, another Call of Duty leak. You might have already heard about the rumoured open-world Zombies map that could be coming to the game. But more and more alleged details are surfacing (including hints from Activision itself) as well as data miners having a good look at the code in-game to work out what this new event is going to contain.

First, we can start with the stuff teased in-game. Some Reddit users have been documenting a few strange occurrences while playing Warzone like radio comms between Russian operatives. This translation spotted by Eurogamer comes from Redditor wolf-of-icewrack, and apparently says, "Dispatch, this is Russian ship Vodianoy, channel 1-2. Over." "This is dispatch, requesting shipping permit to Verdansk. Over." "Dispatch, cargo secured, all systems are fine. Get ready to go. Over."

Some further investigation from players has revealed that Vodianoy is a ship that is seen off the coast of Rebirth Island, and is likely smuggling Nova 6 onto Warzone's battle royale maps. Nova 6 will be a familiar name to some, as it's a toxic gas that reoccurs in the CoD timeline, developed by Nazi, Soviet, and Coalescence scientists.

Players have also spotted a new small addition to the Warzone rumble. The Cold War Zombies trial machine has appeared in-game, randomly stood in the hospital. Standing next to it brings up an interaction cue, "ZAI/ACTIVATE_ZOMBIE" but pressing it does nothing right now. If you were in any doubt that Zombies was on the way, this is the solid evidence you might have been looking for.

But now onto leaked content and data mining. Everything before this point is Activision and their various teams' releasing tidbits of knowledge here and there - these other details are from players looking through the code of Warzone and Modern Warfare.

On Reddit's Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, some leaked info about the upcoming Outbreak mode has appeared. User Margwa_ has compiled some information found by players about what is coming.

According to the post, the Outbreak event will happen in both Cold War and Warzone which will reward players with two total blueprints for completing challenges. There will be a host of new zombie enemies to defeat, some with specialities, and bosses which will give you a special weapon once defeated.

Poster Margwa_ speculates that with the size of the map and the fact it's open-world, there is a chance that 'warping', which is found in the code, means fast travel could be included in these free-roam areas (which are compared to Destiny 2's areas). Margwa_ even does a little bit of their own research and seems to find hints of PvPvZ within the game. So perhaps we're looking at an event in Verdansk where players aren't only fighting one another but hordes too.

Well, for now, the only thing that is certain is that we're getting some sort of Zombies event in the near future with Outbreak. Details are still hazy, so now it's just a waiting game until we have to download a new reasonably sized 1000GB update from Activision.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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