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Mass Effect Fans Share Their Favourite Renegade Moments, Because It's Good To Be Bad

Mass Effect Fans Share Their Favourite Renegade Moments, Because It's Good To Be Bad

Renegades Of (Space) Funk.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

Is there anything better than taking the role of the villain in a game? Despite being such a great concept, it's really not that often that games give us the option to simply choose chaos, which is why it's so damn fun when they do.

BioWare's Mass Effect trilogy is a great example of a series that does this right. Throughout the three games, players can influence their morality by earning Renegade (bad guy) points and Paragon (good guy) points, through selecting different options on the dialogue wheel.

It's easy to forget just how far graphics have come since the original Mass Effect game came out, so here's a quick comparison between the original, and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remake:

Depending on which side you lean into, you'll be rewarded with unique dialogue options, which as you can imagine, can lead to some pretty great moments, and fans on the r/masseffect subreddit have been reminiscing about their favourites (spoilers ahead).

"So many vids of yer man getting thrown out the window, or that Krogan getting exploded. Where's the love for headbutting that dick Uvenk???" wrote Reddit user The4th_Survivor.

"I've never had a playthrough where I didn't headbutt Uvenk, lol. One of my favorite moments." agreed Frraksurred.

"This, stabbing Kai Lang, and punching Admiral Han'Gerrel are always the three renegade interrupts I always take even if I'm playing as paragon. I always liked this one cause Uvenk is so insulted, 'You dare?' Hell ya, I dare!" added tmarikoc.

With so many amazing moments, it's surprising that so few players actually went Renegade. Former BioWare cinematic designer John Ebenger revealed on Twitter last year that only 8% of players opted to be the bad guy, with the vast majority preferring to be Paragon. Where's the love for the baddies?!

Of course, these numbers might have changed a bit with the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which has completely smashed sales expectations, and introduced the series to gamers young and old. So, if you've not done a playthrough in a while (or are yet to embark on your first), here's your reminder not to neglect those Renegade options. I mean, who wouldn't fancy headbutting a Krogan?

Featured Image Credit: EA / Bioware

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