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Thanos Won't Be In 'Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy' Because Drax Has Killed Him

Thanos Won't Be In 'Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy' Because Drax Has Killed Him

This does put a smile on my face.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the upcoming action-adventure game from Eidos-Montréal, has shed a little light on the quirky quartet of anti-heroes in a post to the PlayStation Blog.

In spite of appearances, this game is totally single-player and puts you in the shoes of Star-Lord. With Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Drax, he's the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy who take on odd jobs after the fallout of a galactic war. The story offers the possibility to change its course through determinant dialogue and the actors playing the characters were coming up with ad-libs that made it into the final script. The cherry on top of this cake, certainly, is the unique mix of orchestral sounds, rock and licensed '80s tunes in the game's soundtrack.

Check out gameplay of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy here, featuring mesmerising yet stormy locales and lethal alien wildlife.

"When we first started working on the game and got to speak with Marvel about what was ahead of us, they gave us carte blanche to craft our own take on this band of misfits," explained Jean-Francois Dugas, senior creative director of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, in the post. "For us, it meant diving into everything that had came before - comics, movies, animated series and more - to understand the essence of these characters, and from there, reimagine them in a fresh and faithful way."

In this version of Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax completes his quest for revenge against Thanos for the killing of his wife and daughter. After meeting the Eternals Kronos and Mentor, he took on the challenge of besting the Mad Titan in combat and prevailed. However, Drax didn't believe that Thanos was pushing up the daisies and continued on a path of chaos and destruction to find him again.

Ultimately, he turned himself in and spent seven years in prison before Star-Lord recruited him as soon as he was free. As a result, it is possible that Thanos is still out there and might be encountered in the story of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. And, as Gamora is the daughter of the Titan and still carries the trauma of her role in the Galactic War with her, it's almost definitely a no-go topic between the two characters. I'm sure we'll learn even more as we approach the release of the game which is only two months away now.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix, Marvel Studios

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