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A Scene From 'Resident Evil Village' Is Heading Straight To Pornhub

A Scene From 'Resident Evil Village' Is Heading Straight To Pornhub

This better not awaken anything in me...

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

By now I think it's fair to say we're all familiar with Lady Dimitrescu. The 6'9" fashionista vampire lady from Resident Evil Village that's been getting the internet all hot and bothered, has become a bit of a boon for Capcom when it comes to marketing the upcoming game.

Somebody who is perhaps more familiar with Lady D than most, is the game's protagonist Ethan Winters. One particular scene from Village is almost certainly heading straight for Pornhub due to its, erm, rather raunchy imagery.

During a preview event in which we saw over an hour of top secret gameplay for Village, the scene in question starts innocently enough (well, as innocent as Resident Evil gets, anyway) with Lady Ds three vampire daughters cornering Ethan before dragging him through the castle to the vampire matriarch with sicles through his legs, who's positively thrilled to see her quarry in a state of incapacitation.

While two vampiric daughters prop our hapless hero up, one proceeds to slice a gash in Ethan's hand, initiating an all you can suck buffet with Winters entirely on the menu. With blood oozing from his wound, Lady D grabs hold of Ethan's wrist and moves in close. First, she licks the wound making direct eye contact with Ethan, and by extension, us the player. After a heartbeat, she proceeds to literally slurp the blood from the wound, making sounds that most people don't get out of a decent plate of spaghetti.

Once she's had her fill and the cut has been fully drained, she takes a moment to reflect on the taste, before screwing her nose up and declaring Ethan's offering as "a little stale". The part that really gets me though - and I have to say there's no way the writing team didn't know exactly what they were doing when they put pen to paper for this line - one of the daughters excitedly exclaims "let's devour his man-flesh quickly mother". Is it getting hot in here or is it just my loss of blood?

The rest of the preview sees Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters stalking Ethan through the gothic castle, while werewolves haunt his progress through the village that lies in the valley below it. The monolithic mistress isn't the only charismatic baddie players will have to deal with in Resident Evil Village when it releases on May 7th, but the jury's still out on whether the others will be lusting after our man's blood in such an erotic fashion.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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