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Henry Cavill Is Back In Action, And The Witcher Is Filming Again

Henry Cavill Is Back In Action, And The Witcher Is Filming Again

Lambert shows of what he got for Christmas.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been plenty of jobs that have been affected. Right now, everyone is trying the best they can to not be present at the jobs they need to do - if it's possible to work from home, please do so, is what all sorts of experts are saying. However, in the case of acting and performances, it's not really possible, is it? Imagine watching Henry Cavill act as Geralt in his kitchen, or while building his PC? So it's good news that the hotly anticipated second season of The Witcher Netflix series is once again back in production.

According to The Witcher news source Redanian Intelligence, the actors are back on set, continuing the work that has been held up time and again by various pandemic related problems. The report also indicates that Henry Cavill is indeed back on set too. Paul Bullion, who is going to be playing one of Geralt's long-term friends and Witcher brothers Lambert, tweeted out a picture of some various bits-and-pieces while telling us he's back on set.

"Back on set for The Witcher Netflix... A postponed Christmas gift from a friend. Lambert is growing a thick skin indeed... She is a funny girl! #TheWitcher" is the caption to the photo of some Ginger Nuts, a beer and an elf on the shelf. Somehow it's not surprising that the ginger-haired Bullion is receiving those biscuits - it actually seems like the type of thing Lambert would give as a gift, doesn't it?

According to the same report, Redanian Intelligence has also heard that filming for The Witcher is likely to continue into March of this year due to some setbacks which make it seem likely we'll see the finished product in Q3 of this year, perhaps September, rather than the August release date that has been rumoured so far.

Well, we're happy that Cavill's leg seems to be healing after his reported injury, and that the show is back on the road. We can't wait to see what happens after the fantastic season one of the show.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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