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'Grand Theft Auto Online' Players Have Uncovered A Ridiculous New Exploit

'Grand Theft Auto Online' Players Have Uncovered A Ridiculous New Exploit

The grind never stops.



Words: Catherine Lewis

What's your favourite thing to do in Grand Theft Auto Online? Almost eight years after its initial release, the game's constant updates have continued to keep the player base thriving; with new things to do and a seemingly endless amount of content to enjoy. Despite all that, the latest, hottest activity in GTA Online is none other than...walking around in circles. For hours on end. Yeah.

As it happens, this isn't down to players being driven insane by the rampant GTA VI rumours and teasers, and is actually a much more productive activity than it might sound. The Los Santos Tuners update, which was released last month, introduced us to the LS Car Meet; a brand new social space for players to get together and show off their custom vehicles, watch others mod their cars in real time, and test cars with friends. Cool, right?

Check out some of the biggest wins and fails in Grand Theft Auto Online. That is, when players aren't too busy walking in circles:

Well, with this new club also came a brand new 1000-level progression bar, with some super cool cosmetics and exclusive bonuses locked behind it. And the only way to get them? By grinding out Tuner Reputation, which, as you may have guessed by now, involves spending quite a bit of time in the LS Car Meet.

Spending four minutes in the area can net you up to 20RP, but since you can only leave yourself inactive in a GTA Online lobby for 15 minutes before getting kicked out, players have gone full Bear Grylls to improvise, adapt and overcome, and their solution comes in the form of rubber bands, sticky tape and weights.

By fastening your analog stick into a fixed direction or weighing down a button on your keyboard, you can safely leave your character moving around endlessly without the fear of being ejected from the lobby, and earn RP while you eat, sleep, or whatever else you like to do when not manually walking around in circles on a video game.

Even if you don't personally fancy going so far for the grind, you can't deny it's rather amusing to walk into a room of people perpetually pacing on the spot, like they're taking a particularly heated phone call. It's yet to be seen if Rockstar is going to put any measures in place to stop this behaviour, but for now, the grind never stops.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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