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'Ghost Recon Frontline' Is A Free-To-Play Battle Royale With A Massive Open World

'Ghost Recon Frontline' Is A Free-To-Play Battle Royale With A Massive Open World

I've been saying we don't have enough battle royales

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Ubisoft has officially announced Ghost Recon Frontline, a new free-to-play class-based shooter set in the world of its long-running tactical military series.

We're told Frontline will offer a whole bunch of modes that are gradually added over time, but it will be launching with a "flagship" mode called Expedition. This is a large-scale 102-person with shades of battle royale in which teams of three complete objectives across an expansive open world map before finally calling for extraction.

Take a look at Ghost Recon Frontline in action below:

There's also a secondary mode called Control, which is a 9v9 deathmatch-style shooter. Ubisoft also mentioned a "traditional arena shooter" during the game's reveal, and promised a bunch of other modes would be added to Frontline season by season.

At launch, Frontline will offer three classes: Assault Class will be for those who like to get into the thick of the fight. Support Class can hold ground with excellent fortification abilities. Scout Class can cause problems from a distance and flag enemies for teammates.

"Switch between different contractors, even in the heat of battle," Ubisoft teases. "Shape the battlefield around you by calling in tactical reinforcements such as deadly auto-turrets, smoke screen drones and massive barricades. There is always more than one way to win, and it is entirely up to what kind of strategic approach you will take."

Ghost Recon Frontline /

As for the battlefield? Frontline will take place on Drakemoor Island, which Ubisoft has described as an "open world full of diverse environments, consisting of multiple landmarks and distinct biomes, from high mountains to ruthless arid lands, and ever-changing weather conditions."

As with any battle royale, Frontline will slowly evolve over time with new maps, modes, weapons, classes, and characters. There's no launch date just yet, but a PC-exclusive closed beta test is scheduled for October 14-21, although just for players in Europe. If you fit the bill, you can sign up at,

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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