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You Can Now See Inside FIFA’s Ultimate Team Packs Before Buying Them

You Can Now See Inside FIFA’s Ultimate Team Packs Before Buying Them

EA has finally made a change to its loot box system.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Perhaps EA's biggest issue among fans at the moment is its monetisation systems. The publisher has got into hot water over the years with complaints about how heavily its games rely on microtransactions and that the loot box systems within its games potentially contribute to gambling habits. Today, that could change as for the first time EA will allow fans to see inside the Ultimate Team packs they're buying.

Eurogamer reports that EA has finally tried to find a way to appease fans through allowing FIFA players to see inside the player packs they are about to purchase. Ultimate Team Preview Packs, will be available to purchase from today and before you spend FUT Coins or FIFA Points, you will have the ability to check you want the players inside of them.

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The system works like this. You go to the FUT Store and head to a Pack you're interested in purchasing (this system doesn't work for packs you've earned in some way). When going to select the pack to purchase there will be a new button saying 'Preview Pack'. After pressing preview, the usual pack opening animation will play showing what you could earn from this purchase - you will then have the option to buy it or leave it.

If you buy this pack, great - you can preview the next pack on the pile too. However, if you don't buy the pack you have previewed, a timer will start. You will have to wait the allotted time before you can preview another set of cards - the pack you have already previewed will sit there available until the end of the time so you can come back and purchase it if change your mind.

Of course, you will still be able to buy however many Ultimate Team packs as you like - but this move is in an effort to lessen the gambling accusations against the system already in place. Now, if players are patient, they can always see what cards are available to them without spending any more than required to get the team of their dreams. It's a good step in the right direction after loot boxes and problem gambling were "robustly" linked earlier this year.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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