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'Far Cry 6' Has Managed To Seriously Annoy PETA Thanks To One Moment

'Far Cry 6' Has Managed To Seriously Annoy PETA Thanks To One Moment

Ubisoft has yet to respond

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, has hit out at Ubisoft over a new minigame found in the recently released Far Cry 6.

The latest installment in the popular open-world shooter is, for better and worse, very much like every other entry that has come before it. That means more anarchic action, lots of explosions, and animal companions that can be taken into some incredibly dangerous situations all in the name of revolution. I should point out that none of your animal companions can actually be properly killed, but the game has still managed to draw PETA's ire.

Take a look at Far Cry 6 in action below

The moment that's really gotten PETA's heckles up isn't the animal companions, although doubtless the organisation isn't crazy about that aspect of the game either. No, the thing that's caused issues is the inclusion of a bizarre cockfighting minigame that can be found fairly early on in the game.

This strange side activity is clearly aiming to be as far-removed from real cockfighting as it can possibly be, given the obviously horrendous nature of the real-life equivalent. In Far Cry 6, the minigame is essentially a Tekken-style fighting game in which the player can choose their chicken and then fight with a rival bird. There's a health bar, special moves, and even an overzealous announcer.

PETA Latino has condemned this minigame, arguing that it trivialises the grim reality of cockfighting. The group has called on Ubisoft to replace the mode with something that is less reliant on animals fighting each other.

Far Cry 6 /

"Turning a horrific blood sport like cockfighting into a Mortal Kombat-style video game match is a far cry from real innovation, as today's society is strongly opposed to forcing animals to fight to the death," reads a statement on PETA's website.

"Roosters used in cockfights are fitted with sharp spurs that tear through flesh and bone, causing agonizing and fatal injuries. PETA Latino urges Ubisoft to replace this reprehensible minigame with one that doesn't glorify cruelty."

Ubisoft has yet to respond.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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