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'Fallout: London' Mod Is So Good, Bethesda Hired One Of The Lead Devs

'Fallout: London' Mod Is So Good, Bethesda Hired One Of The Lead Devs

"We wholeheartedly wish her the best on her endeavors."

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

One of the developers behind the exciting and anticipated Fallout: London mod has been scouted out by Bethesda for a full time position at the company.

I mean. Cor. Congratulations are in order for Stephanie Zachariadis who was the lead writer for the mod. She's now an associate quest designer at Bethesda Game Studios and the team are of course pleased as punch that her talent has been recognised in this way.

"This is utterly fantastic news and something that all of the team here at Fallout: London stand behind and we wholeheartedly wish her the best on her endeavors," said fellow developer Dean Carter in the announcement in the mod's official Discord server. "We hope that she will give them the same groundbreaking story and quests that she gave us."

Check out the incredible work that's gone into the mod here, taking the player to a post-apocalyptic Blighty populated by survivors eking out an existence in what remains of the iconic streets and sights of London.

Fallout: London is what it says on the tin but that description wouldn't do the level of dedication on display here justice. "From stuffy parliamentary aristocrats to a resurrection of the Knights of the Round Table to an uncompromising cult of revolutionaries (and more!), Fallout: London embodies the history and aesthetics of London and puts an unmistakably nuclear spin on the beloved city," explains the team on the mod's official website.

There is no stated release date for the mod as it is the product of volunteers with a range of skill sets collaborating together on a shared love for Fallout's lore. However, impressively enough, the size of the map rivals that of the original Commonwealth map for Fallout 4 and spans Westminster to the outskirts like Bromley.

If you've been left wanting for a single-player odyssey in Fallout once again, then this is surely something you'll want to keep tabs on. There's a faction of rough and tumble knights who are inspired by the tales of Camelot and commanders in World War II, for goodness sake.

And, it looks like the children of MI5 agents have continued their families' legacy and transformed into Angel, a network of eyes and ears that are said to secretly pull the strings of London. If even the merest whiff of this wonderful creativity is imbued into the next Fallout game, then we're in business.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Fallout London

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