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'Eragon' Fans Are Campaigning For A Disney Plus Reboot

'Eragon' Fans Are Campaigning For A Disney Plus Reboot

Here today, Eragon tomorrow.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Thousands of fans are calling for a fresh adaptation of The Inheritance Cycle series of books, nearly a decade after the horrific 2006 live-action Eragon movie flopped, bombed, and tanked all at once.

Emboldened by the success of the Snyder Cut campaign, fans of Christopher Paolini's fantasy novels have taken to Twitter to ask that Disney take the books and work them into a Disney Plus series. As a huge fan of Eragon (the book) and its many sequels, I fully back this idea.

For those that might be wondering what all the fuss is about, Eragon and the rest of The Inheritance Cycle books were a hugely popular series of high-fantasy novels aimed at young adults. The star of the book was a young hero named Eragon, who sets out from humble beginnings to fight evil. Simple enough in terms of premise, but the characters and world felt rich and fully realised. There were dragons aplenty, not to mention adventure, intrigue, betrayal, and magic.

While the series as a whole received mixed reviews, the very first book remains a firm favourite. Unsurprisingly, nobody was happy when the 2006 movie adaptation turned out to be a putrid fart that completely missed everything that made the book great. The movie sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a 16% score - a sour reminder to the fans of a missed opportunity. If you really want to see Eragon for yourself, it's currently available on Disney Plus, but I don't recommend you do that to yourself.

Now that Disney owns the rights to the series, it would be pretty great to see a fresh take on the material. With Netflix's The Witcher and HBO's Game Of Thrones finding success in edgy and mature fantasy, there's definitely room for a show about swords and dragons that skews towards a slightly younger audience. Paolini himself has even voiced is support for the campaign, so who knows where this might go?

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