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'Elden Ring' Becomes FromSoftware's Best Selling Game By Huge Distance

'Elden Ring' Becomes FromSoftware's Best Selling Game By Huge Distance

In Bandai Namco's recent earnings call, Elden Ring's latest sales figures were revealed, and they're very impressive.

Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis

It's been genuinely difficult to move for the amount of Elden Ring content on the internet in the past couple of months. While it's safe to say that there was plenty of hype surrounding the game prior to its release, that only seemed to ramp up into overdrive when the onslaught of 10/10 reviews (including our own) landed, and then basically everyone and their grandma seemed to be playing it.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, that translated into some pretty impressive sales. We already knew that FromSoftware's latest had been doing really well - it had the best launch week of any Soulsborne title, even without counting digital sales. Now, as reported by GamesRadar+, the latest sales figures have been revealed in Bandai Namco's recent earnings call, and they're super impressive.

In the time since its release, Elden Ring has already been predictably ruined (or perhaps enhanced) by mods - check out one of the funniest ones below.

Across all platforms (PC, PlayStation and Xbox), as of 31 March, Elden Ring sold a whopping 13.4 million copies, which, as translated by GAMINGbible, was over three times more than what was expected - it was previously anticipated to sell around 4 million copies. Previously, it was also reported that as of 14 March, the game had sold 12 million units, meaning it managed to rack up a further 1.4 million in just over two weeks. Hype is a powerful thing.

Obviously, we can expect the fully up-to-date numbers to be bigger still, but these figures are already pretty stellar, especially for FromSoftware. Before the release of the open-world behemoth, the studio's best-selling title was Dark Souls 3, which had sold 10 million copies as of May 2020 (four years after its release).

As GamesRadar+ writes, Elden Ring alone now has almost half of the combined sales of the Dark Souls franchise in its entirety (including Demon's Souls), which comes in at a very chunky 27 million copies. Whether we can expect it to end up matching that figure is another matter, but regardless, that's a whole lot of people facing the wrath of the many controller-smashingly frustrating bosses dwelling in the Lands Between.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco

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