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'Dragon's Dogma 2' Is Finally In Development Using RE Engine, Says Insider

'Dragon's Dogma 2' Is Finally In Development Using RE Engine, Says Insider

RE doesn't even stand for Resident Evil, by the way.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Not too long ago, Capcom suffered a huge leak that revealed a number of properties that its development team had in progress. Among them was a return of Dragon's Dogma, a 2012 action RPG that did really well critically and even got a Netflix adaptation in 2020. Fans have long since awaited another instalment - and now an insider is reporting that not only is that second game in development, but it will make use of the RE Engine.

You're probably at least a little familiar with the RE Engine as it's what the Resident Evil games have used since Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Rather confusingly though, the RE in RE Engine does not stand for Resident Evil, despite being developed specifically for that game. It actually stands for Reach for the Moon Engine. Come on Capcom, you've got to think of a better acronym system.

It might be a while before we hear more about Dragon's Dogma 2, but that's okay because we're still watching this fantastic footage of November Eve, another title in development that allows you to ride the fiery beasts...

Wired Up Report has spotted a Twitter post from leaker AestheticGamer1 that states Dragon's Dogma 2 will be developed using the RE Engine. The tweet says: "It's pretty safe to assume most Capcom games that aren't ports, remasters, or very specifically using an engine for one reason or another will be using RE Engine. Dragon's Dogma 2 100% is using the RE Engine, but that's not a surprising thing I'd say."

And it's not surprising to hear this is likely the case because have you seen the RE Engine's work?! Resident Evil: Village looks incredible, as do the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. The stuff that engine can pump out with the Capcom developers at its helm has only ever looked impressive, so if this rumour is correct we look forward to seeing Dragon's Dogma 2 developed with it, too.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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