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Disney+ Is About To Overtake Netflix As World's Biggest Streaming Platform

Disney+ Is About To Overtake Netflix As World's Biggest Streaming Platform

Amazing what you can do when you own the biggest franchises on the planet.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

After many years at the top, Netflix is now predicted to lose its place as the world's number one streaming platform in the next three years. Who's coming for the crown, you ask? BritBox.

No, I'm kidding - it's Disney+. Obviously it's Disney+.

The Walt Disney Company only arrived on the scene with its own streaming platforming in late 2019, but it's already been a major success. Much of this comes down to the fact that Disney owns a terrifying amount of properties these days, meaning Disney+ is home to the likes of Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Pixar, and more. There's also the success of original series to consider too, with shows like The Mandalorian and WandaVision raking in millions of viewers worldwide and dominating the conversation.

With this in mind, and given the news that there's plenty more original Marvel and Star Wars content to come over the next few years, it's little surprise that Disney+ surpassed 100 million global subscribers earlier this month. That's an incredible feat to have achieved in less than two years, especially when you consider it took Netflix the better part of a decade to hit those numbers.

As reported by The Guardian, if you take this success and factor in the Disney-owned ESPN+ sports platform and Hulu streaming service, then Netflix should be well and truly dethroned in 2024. I'm not sure they can bust out that many seasons of Stranger Things in that time.

"Disney+ has obviously experienced some of the fastest growth seen from a subscription video-on-demand service; kudos to them for establishing themselves as a global force so fast," said Richard Broughton, an analyst at Ampere Analysis. "While Disney+ is still only half the size of Netflix, it has reached that milestone in an unprecedented timescale."

The Mandalorian /

Broughton added that Disney+ alone (not counting ESPN+ and Hulu) would easily breeze past Amazon Prime Video in 2024 to become the world's second most popular streaming service. It won't be until 2025 that Disney+ fully overtakes Netflix, although with ESPN+ and Hulu in the mix, the Disney "family" (ugh) of companies should end up on top a lot sooner.

Once again, that's kind of what happens when you own the vast majority of the biggest franchises on the planet. I honestly don't know whether to be scared or impressed.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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