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Call Of Duty 2021 Is A "Disaster", According To Insider

Call Of Duty 2021 Is A "Disaster", According To Insider

And the community isn’t surprised.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The next Call Of Duty title, which is currently being referred to as Call Of Duty WWII: Vanguard, is running into roadblocks in its development and worryingly, fans aren't too surprised to discover this.

Tom Henderson is an established Call Of Duty and Battlefield beans-spiller, and has leaked a lot of interesting details about Call Of Duty 2022 and Battlefield 6. It's through him that we have heard that Sledgehammer Games are at the helm of what might be a Call Of Duty title set after the Second World War, possibly following the actions of the White Tigers in Korea. As for Battlefield 6, it's allegedly going to feature natural phenomena like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to raise the stakes in exciting combat encounters. Now, given that neither Activision nor Electronic Arts have come forward to confirm or deny these tidbits, they've got to be rumours for the time being. However, Henderson has been on the money in the past, which is why the communities of these games are mindful of what he has to say.

So, when he claimed that progress on Call Of Duty 2022 is not going well, you'd imagine that fans would roil at this statement. "Vanguard... To put it simply, is a f*cking disaster," he said in a post to Twitter. It was actually in response to a quote-retweet about Henderson's thoughts on the recent Call Of Duty update to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. "I'm sure the Call of Duty developers just have a bowl full of 'things they can f*ck up' and they randomly pick one with their eyes closed ready for the next patch/update," he said, adding that he believes that "the passion has been sucked out of every studio and working from home has made everyone lazy."

Working from home has its benefits, letting people save money on transportation to and from the office and allowing parents to spend more time with their children and be present in their lives. It also has challenges, like the instability of networks that provide resources and software that would be required for efficient operations in the studio and the blurring of the home/work boundary. It's possible that Sledgehammer Games is struggling with the weight of the project, even though it has welcomed a lot of new developers into the fold. Bumps in the road do happen, in spite of the support that Activision is giving to the studio, and though things are apparently rough now, there's no reason why the publisher shouldn't delay the game to permit Sledgehammer Games a bit of breathing room.

As aforementioned, we've got to take what Henderson says with a pinch of salt, but the response of the community to his statement has been lukewarm. "They really should just do it next year, let Cold War grow. (They should've done that for Modern Warfare too)," replied @Zitrical. We'll keep you in the loop as and when we learn more about Call Of Duty WWII: Vanguard.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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