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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Players Aren't Happy With The Gulag's Latest Weapons

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Players Aren't Happy With The Gulag's Latest Weapons

Happy campers.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The Gulag is easily one of the most intense places in Call Of Duty: Warzone. In this cramped and dingy prison, you have the chance to go one-on-one with another player, getting one shot to claim victory and rejoin the wider game. You can never really be sure which way it's going to go, especially since you have no idea what weapon you'll be given once the Gulag match starts.

This had never been much of a problem before. Typically you'd either end up with a pistol or a shotgun, meaning that freedom from the Gulag would require a degree of accuracy and skill (or occasionally luck, if you managed to get the drop on the other player). However, the most recent update for the battle royale saw the introduction of automatic weapons to Gulag matches.

Call Of Duty: Warzone /

Now, weapons like M13, SMGs, and MP5 are dominant tools in these all-important prison brawls. These are much more accessible weapons, giving all players a bit more of a chance to win matches even if they're not the best shot. However, not everyone is happy with the update. Some players believe that access to automatic weapons in the Gulag has encouraged camping and stripped away the intensity of these matches.

"It feels like such a spray and camp fight. It's not fun, there's no opportunity to rush or play anything similar, it's just wait in your spawn," Reddit user AdvancedWolverine wrote (via VG247). Others agreed, arguing that the new weapons had taken the sense of urgency from Gulag matches.

I'd like to point out that I'm someone with awful aim, and I've definitely lost more Gulag matches then I've won. I did think that maybe a wider variety of weapons would level the playing field somewhat, but I can't help but think it feels a bit cheap. Yes, now everyone has more of a chance to win in the Gulag, but should that be the point?

When I did win with just a pistol or shotgun, it was such a thrill. I'd actually managed to out-play someone, or maneuver myself so that I got the drop on them. When they got me? They got me because they were better, and that's fair enough. That's how it should be. I've gotten a few kills with the M13 in the Gulag and it just doesn't feel the same.

Still, it's no secret that Activision and Infinity Ward want Warzone to be as accessible as possible to everyone. It's unlikely that they'll change their mind about the new Gulag weapons anytime soon, but we'll have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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