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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' New Map Accidentally Goes Live Early

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' New Map Accidentally Goes Live Early

I expected nothing less.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Another day, another Call Of Duty leak - and this one is a biggun. Call Of Duty: Warzone's long-rumoured 1980s-themed Verdansk map went live earlier today, hours before it was reportedly scheduled to be available.

The modern-day Verdansk was nuked as part of an in-game event last night, designed to wrap up Season 2 and kick off Season 3 with a bang. At the time of writing players can only drop into the smaller Rebirth Island map, as Verdansk remains in ruin. It's believed Season 3 will go live later this evening, allowing players back into a Verdansk that's the same, yet drastically different in many ways.

Details of the new map have leaked a few times at this point, but a number of players were briefly able to jump in early and actually explore firsthand, revealing a number of new landmarks and points of interest in the process. As spotted by VGC, streamer Bartonologist was one of the many players who was able to load up the new map and get some time in before the feature was disabled by Activision. The damage has already been done, of course.

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Bartonologist shared a comprehensive video of the new map, which you can see below.

There are a number of key changes that are immediately noticeable. For a start, players leap from a chopper rather a plane. This version of Verdansk is also far-less ravaged by war, with many of the landmarks - including the Airport and Stadium - in much better condition than we're used to.

There are a few new areas to explore, too, including some kind of massive radar station that's referred to as Array. Meanwhile, Salt Mine has replaced Quarry, while an aqueduct is in place of the Dam. There's even talk of an area based on Call Of Duty: Black Ops map Summit, although it's not shown in the video.

Expect Call Of Duty: Warzone's new map to go live later tonight. For real, this time. Hopefully.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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