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Call Of Duty Pro Teases Positives Meetings Over Features In 2020 COD

Call Of Duty Pro Teases Positives Meetings Over Features In 2020 COD

Stay hopeful.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A professional Call Of Duty player has been teasing meetings with Treyarch over the studio's approach to the 2020 instalment. Specifically, it seems that the developer has reached out to a number of pros in an effort to better understand the competitive scene and tailor the upcoming Call Of Duty accordingly.

CharlieIntel reports that Chance, a pro player and member of the Florida Mutineers roster, took to Reddit to suggest that fans should be "hopeful" for Call Of Duty 2020, which is rumoured to be called Black Ops Cold War. In a post, Chance explained that a number of esports players have given their feedback and had an "open discussion" about feature sets, and that Treyarch is interested in their take on the "competitive philosophy" for the 2020 title.

"Stay hopeful guys," he wrote. "The devs at Treyarch are really interested in making next year a great year for competitive, and I'm being 100% serious."

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII /

Chance also acknowledged that many in the Call Of Duty community have felt disappointed with the way the competitive scene has been handled in the past. With that said, he seems confident that Treyarch is invested in positive change, and urges players to get behind and support the studio as it works on Call Of Duty 2020.

It remains to be seen exactly when we'll see or hear something official about the next Call Of Duty, but many have speculated that it'll be somehow tie in to Season 4 of Warzone. Season 4, of course, was delayed last week for good reason - but newly discovered files suggest that the new season will now kick off on June 10th instead. Hopefully this means official news of Call Of Duty 2020 won't be far behind.

According to recent reports, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will take the franchise back to the 1960s, effectively rebooting the series in the same way that 2019's Modern Warfare did. Warzone players believe they've found more evidence of the new game in the battle royale, as mysterious bunkers containing coded messages, nuclear bombs, and Cold War-era players have all been discovered in the last few weeks.

How exactly these will all tie in to revealing the new game remains to be seen, but it certainly seems as if Activision and Infinity Ward are building towards handing the reigns over to Treyarch and the future of Call Of Duty.

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