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PlayStation Plus Subscribers Can Download A Call Of Duty Freebie Right Now

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Can Download A Call Of Duty Freebie Right Now

What, like you wanted more?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

PlayStation Plus truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Although by "gift", I do mean "monthly subscription service that you have to pay for or you'll lose any and all benefits".

Joking aside, it does feel like Sony has really been upping its game with the service since the PlayStation 5 launched. First we got the awesome PlayStation Plus Collection, will gives us access to a library of some of the best PlayStation 4 games around (and Days Gone). Then last month's free games dropped, which included the next-gen edition of Control and the beautiful indie hit Concrete Genie.

This month managed to be an even bigger surprise, with the less-than-a-year-old Final Fantasy VII Remake making the cut alongside brand-new Annapurna indie Maquette. Sony, if you want to keep this mix of slightly older AAA hits and shiny new indie games I haven't played yet coming for the rest of the year, I'd be alright with that.

While we wait for April's free games to be announced (how the hell is it April 2021 next month?), Call Of Duty fans will no doubt be glad to know that they can claim at least one more PS Plus freebie in the meantime. It's nothing hugely exciting, but as part of Sony's ongoing marketing deal with Activision, PS Plus subscribers with a copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and/or Call Of Duty: Warzone can head over to the PlayStation store and grab a brand-new combat pack.

This bundle will be available until the end of Season Two, and contains a handful of skins, gun customization options, and weapon blueprints. As I say, nothing fancy... but hey, it is free/locked behind a monthly subscription service so not actually free at all. I suppose it all depends on your perspective - by which I mean it entirely depends on whether or not you're already a PS Plus subscriber.

To redeem the bundle all you need to do is head to this link and log in with your account details. After doing so, you'll net yourself an epic Operator skin for Baker, an epic weapon charm, a legendary calling card, a 60-minute double XP token, and some epic blueprints for the tactical rifle. Not too shabby. Oh, and this content will remain exclusive to PS5 and PS4 users until November 1, after which there isn't a single soul alive who will give a crap about it. Probably.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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