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BioWare Shows How Much Better ‘Mass Effect’ Remaster Looks With New Video

BioWare Shows How Much Better ‘Mass Effect’ Remaster Looks With New Video

Improvements on improvements

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

There is something hilarious about gaming, in that, sometimes I'm way more excited to play an old game I already know the plot of, than I am about new titles. I mean why play Godfall when I can play The Witcher 3 again? That's why I'm happy to report that BioWare / EA has released an update on the progress of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition with a new video showing some of the graphics improvements the game has, and my-oh-my is it looking tasty.

The video shows just some of the visual improvements we'll be seeing when the remaster comes out. Everything is much crisper in the 2021 version, depth of field is improved, skin looks like skin, water looks far more like water and more. It's hard to put into words what a great difference the changes the team have put together make - so why not watch the comparison video below?

But, may I add, it hasn't lost its charm. Sometimes with remakes, the original looks nothing like the update. We're not seeing any major difference as you might with Link's Awakening or Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearlwhich is pretty cool. Here it looks like if you were a huge fan of the original Mass Effect, this remaster just makes you feel like you did when seeing the original game. The world, panning shots, expressions are all almost the same but just freshened up with some gameplay improvements too.

We've already reported on some of the differences we'll be seeing in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Some of them are like allowing Shepard to run in non-combat spaces and selling junk items from inventories. Others are improvements to boss fights and the amount of cover provided in some areas so you've got a place to run and hide.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be out May 14, so it's not long until we get to see all these changes for ourselves. It will be available on PC, Xboxes, and PlayStation.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare / EA

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