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'Apex Legends' Season 9 Is Introducing A Ton Of Titanfall Content

'Apex Legends' Season 9 Is Introducing A Ton Of Titanfall Content

Titanpride comes before a Titanfall.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

While fans eagerly await any kind of official news on Titanfall 3, the underrated series' battle royale spinoff Apex Legends continues to go from strength to strength.

It's no secret that Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as Titanfall, but developer Respawn tends to keep the two toy boxes separate. There are Easter eggs and occasional nods, to be sure, but the last eight seasons definitely haven't been that interested in catering to Titanfall stans. The good news is that's set to change during Apex Legends' ninth season.

Titanfall 2 /

Dexerto reports that several Apex Legends developers recently appeared on a panel hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode to discuss the battle royale's immediate future. The most interesting takeaway is that Titanfall fans have "some really cool stuff" coming their way.

"Next season, Season 9, you're actually going to see a ton of Titanfall coming back into the game, in one way or another," game director Chad Grenier teased. "I've told some people before, if you're a Titanfall fan, hang on for Season 9 because there's gonna be some really cool stuff there."

Meanwhile, senior writer Ashley Reed touched on why Titanfall and Apex Legends will always be linked, and that seeing the worlds collide was inevitable.

"What's going on in Titanfall is a war," Reed said. "Apex is what happens after the war, like what is life like in this place? So we're trying to integrate Titanfall into that, because Titanfall's very much a part of the universe."

Titanfall weapons have previously appeared in the battle royale, so it'll be interesting to see what new methods Respawn use to integrate the two series. We're unlikely to see Titanfall's mechs appear in Apex Legends, unfortunately. Respawn has said multiple times that they tested the giant robot suits and found they completely unbalanced the game. Still, we live in hope.

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