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A Transformers/G.I Joe Crossover Movie Is Coming, Whether You Want It Or Not

A Transformers/G.I Joe Crossover Movie Is Coming, Whether You Want It Or Not

Be a good little boy and eat your IP

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Cinematic crossovers are the latest trend in Hollywood, and damn it all if they don't make a lick of sense. Space Jam: A New Legacy was essentially two hours of Warner Bros. showing us every single property it currently owns like an excited child rummaging through a toy box.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of the Fast & Furious franchise have been talking about Jurassic Park and Transformers crossovers. It's like Hollywood execs saw Avengers Endgame and took completely the wrong idea from it. More famous IPs per film does not automatically equate to more money. At least, I like to think it doesn't. It probably does though, doesn't it? Sigh.

Put some love on the classic 1986 Transformers movie below:

One big-screen crossover that is basically inevitable at this point? Transformers and G.I Joe. For one thing, both properties live with Hasbro and Paramount. They also have an established history of crossovers in comic books and TV, effectively making a live-action team-up a terrifying case of "when", not "if".

Surprisingly, it turns out that Paramount has long been against the idea of putting Transformers and G.I Joe together in one film. That's according to Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who serves as producer across both film franchises. di Bonaventura recently spoke with Uproxx about the upcoming G.I Joe origin movie Snake Eyes, and was asked about a potential crossover.

"You know, the truth of matter is, the studio has always been against that," di Bonaventura explained. "Every regime that's been at Paramount is against it because it's taking two franchises and making them one." Despite this, he believes Paramount will crack one day and that a crossover is "inevitable".

The Transformers: The Movie /

The producer added that Steven Caple Jr., who is currently gearing up to direct Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, actually asked Paramount recently why a crossover hasn't happened yet and if he could be the one to do it.

"Well, it's funny, Steven Caple, who's directing Transformers right now, is a huge G.I. Joe fan, too," said di Bonaventura. "And he was like, 'Why aren't you doing that?' Everyone was like, 'Well, try to make a Transformers movie really good. Then we'll talk about that.' Maybe Steven will be the one to crack through because he loves them both so much."

Like it or not, this is one crossover that is absolutely coming in the next few years. I'd put good money on it.

Featured Image Credit: Hasbro/Paramount

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