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Gamer Sells PC To Fund Mum's Cancer Treatment

Gamer Sells PC To Fund Mum's Cancer Treatment

One PC gamer recently took to Reddit to share how they were using their hobby to help fund their mum's cancer treatment.

From time to time, the gaming community proves just what a giving and supportive place it can be. Just last year, one gamer donated profits earned from GameStop shares to a children’s hospital whilst in April, Twitch viewers raised $60,000 for a streamer after he shared his cancer story. Well now, the Reddit community has rallied around one user after he shared his family’s own struggles.

Reddit user Carrie_kobayashi24 took to the site’s r/pcmasterrace subreddit to share that they’d decided to sell their PC to help fund their mum’s medical bills after discovering that she needed to undergo cancer treatment. Carrie_kobayashi24 wrote, “Sold my PC for mom's cancer treatment. Goodbye PC master race for a while.”

The post was accompanied by a photo of Carrie_kobayashi24’s PC which had a paper note stuck to it which said ‘reserved.’

Shortly after the post was published, Reddit users gathered to wish the user and their mum well. Pureeyes wrote, “PC is temporary, momma is forever. Good luck OP!” whilst Powered_by_bots added, “No worries. Your mom matters more than any GPU.” Cmdrsusage said, “My brother, as someone told me when I lost my PC, you are still one of us, machine or no. You are a great person for putting your family above your passions. Good luck to your mum and you.”

Carrie_kobayashi24 told well-wishers that they’d be keeping “updated with news on the latest hardware” but it “might take a long time” until they could get their hands on a new PC.

Featured Image Credit: Carrie_kobayashi24 via Reddit, National Cancer Institute via Unsplash

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