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Fortnite's upcoming LEGO season leaks online

Fortnite's upcoming LEGO season leaks online

Big brand crossover time

Fortnite leakers have revealed an upcoming crossover for the game that sees two worlds collide and possibly overhaul the battle royale visually.

According to dataminers on Twitter, the next Fortnite season will see the shooter crossover with LEGO. This was rumoured some months ago when a mention of LEGO appeared in the game files but since then, more and more details have emerged.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers.

According to the leaks, plenty of information has appeared and it points to the next season of Fortnite crossing over with the legendary toy brand allowing players to control an actual LEGO character.

This team-up seems to be one of the largest yet with a host of new and returning features, many of which will appear as LEGO equivalents. So far we know about several items: the LEGO Stud Gun, workbenches, beds, fences, catapults, map markers, ziplines, and trinkets. There will also be a feature allowing players to mine props and ores which allow you to build with a dedicated 'building tool'.

From the details revealed, it looks like this crossover will bring a whole new game mode, as there are features such as sleeping in beds, which regens HP and energy, though this could be a unique feature in battle royale - this also introduces 'sleep voting' which is another unique term.

Crafting makes a return, as do vendors which will allow for item creation and purchasing. There are also camps to sleep at and enemies, which are likely AI bots, mentioned in the leak.

On top of all of this, which is a great deal to go through, there's mentions of Minifig versions of emotes, as well as emotion reactions which show emotions such as sadness, boredom, excitement.

A lot of this points to a new way to play the game, with some possible RPG mechanics to boot. The leaks are solid, coming from dataminers who have been at it for years, but only an official reveal can fill us in properly.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games, LEGO

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