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Former Rare director Joel Hochberg has died, aged 87

Former Rare director Joel Hochberg has died, aged 87

Former Rare director Joel Hochberg has passed away at the age of 87.

Former director of Rare Joel Hochberg has passed away at the age of 87, a Miami Herald obituary has confirmed. Hochberg is survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

As reported by, Hochberg joined Rare founders Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper in 1986 where he oversaw the company’s business operations within the United States. Hochberg’s division was based in Miami, Florida, where he also served as president of Rare Coin-It Inc - Rare’s sister company which was created with a focus on coin-operated machines.

Before his stint at Rare, Hochberg was the vice president of arcade company Centuri. adds that Hochberg had received special thanks credits on a number of legendary games including GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong Country, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Co-founder of Rare Tim Stamper commented on Hochberg’s passing on social media. He wrote, “Joel Hochberg, 1935 - 2023. President of Rare Coin-it Inc, Miami and former director of Rare Limited, Twycross. Joel changed the course of history, he bought us our first Nintendo Famicom system on one of his many trips to Japan.”

Rare also commented on the news. They tweeted, “RIP Joel, and thank you from all of us for everything you did for Rare.”

Hochberg’s obituary reads, “He began his career in the coin-operated amusement business and later became a pioneer of consumer video games. Children's education was always important to Joel, and his success allowed him to establish the Hochberg Lower and Middle Schools. His devotion to family, education, and his other philanthropic pursuits were his lifelong passion. Joel will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and colleagues. His legacy lives on through the many lives he has enriched.”

GAMINGbible extends its condolences to Hochberg’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Featured Image Credit: Rare, Tim Stamper via Twitter

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