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The Witcher fans furious as Henry Cavill's Superman return cut short

The Witcher fans furious as Henry Cavill's Superman return cut short

"What is going on?"

The Witcher fans are fuming that the DCU seems to be dropping the new Superman film starring Henry Cavill, summoning all of their ire onto social media to air their aggravations.

Gosh, is it difficult to be Henry Cavill. You score the role you've had your eye on for years... and then you're out as you and the showrunners aren't aligned on your aims for this adaptation of your favourite books. No matter - you're back in the spandex as Superman after a rocky set of films and promised a "bright future" with an "enormously joyful" interpretation of the hero. Then, rumours are a-rumbling that this film is in the industrial shredder (that Warner Bros. has in its parking lot no it's not weird every entertainment company has an industrial shredder in their parking lot right) because it doesn't fit into the rebooted DC Universe.

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The scoop says that DC executives have called for the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, any further Aquaman films and Man of Steel 2. Awkward. Fans of the British actor, already rankled by what happened with his role in Netflix's The Witcher, have criticised this apparent choice to can Cavill's project like this guy won't get any other work ever.

Maybe this is the relentless optimist in me talking, but he'll probably be fine. It's sad, for sure, and this series of events let down a lot of DC and The Witcher fans. Cavill has delivered great performances across his career and as different characters, so who's to say that we haven't actually seen the actor in his most iconic role yet?

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