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Fallout fans should check out this free PlayStation Plus game

Fallout fans should check out this free PlayStation Plus game

Get on this great survival game

What better way to create a game than merging survival gameplay with a post-apocalyptic world? Two of the buzziest buzz phrases in gaming.

DYSMANTLE is both of these things, bringing a unique survival experience to PlayStation Plus. Played in an isometric view, you’re able to see the play field from above whether that’s in combat or building mode. It’s time to “Explore. Fight. Level up. Survive. Gather. Craft. Harvest. Hunt. Build. Farm. Solve puzzles. Fish. Cook. Live. Enjoy the bittersweet post-apocalypse.”

Some heavy Fallout 76 vibes coming off this one

It looks like it took a leaf out of Fallout 76’s book, DYSMANTLE places you in a world falling apart after an apocalyptic event, needing to survive. You must build shelter, combat creatures, and harvest materials from anything and everything you see. You can, in fact, harvest 99% of all items for valuable materials meaning that nothing will stand in your way.

With a cartoon aesthetic, there’s a feeling of The Sims with this game that comes from the angle of the camera and the cutaway walls of the bases you build, but of course, here you can be killed while looking for resources. There is seemingly so much to do in the apocalyptic wastelands including crafting weapons and items, hunting for food or taming companions, farming crops, puzzle-solving in old tombs, along with cooking and fishing.

“The world after the end is inhabited by nasty creatures. Something vile has affected most of the wildlife and former human inhabitants of the island -- turning them into aggressive beast-like creatures. Slay them and collect their loot.”

Since release, DYSMANTLE has received over 25 updates continually adding new content - including pets and dungeons, squashing bugs, and expanding the world around players. If you’re looking for your next survival game fix, there’s a wealth of things to do in this “bittersweet apocalypse”.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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