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Fallout 4 looks more like Fallout 5 in beautiful graphical overhaul

Fallout 4 looks more like Fallout 5 in beautiful graphical overhaul

It's a visual step up and we're wowed

You can hear the chants “Burn the witch!” They shout it while watching this footage from Digital Dreams as they’re back with another graphical update that seems to defy expectations, while constantly wowing.

This time around we’re getting a good look at Fallout 4 as it has been taken through the super special upgrade machine, which is one way of saying they’ve loaded the aging Bethesda game with 300+ mods and added in some of that fancy raytracing, too. Plus, it's all running through a 4090. What results is a stunning view of what Fallout 5 could look like when we finally get a look at it.

We're so desperate for Fallout 5 we've been playing mods for Fallout 4

What we have now is a gorgeous look at the apocalyptic wasteland. Rich textures abound, and wonderful lighting amplifies the darkness, adding a touch of fear. The familiar broken-down state of the world feels a bit more interesting, a bit more realistic. Abandoned vehicles now look a proper part of the world as they’re speckled with rust and patches of dirt. That’s all before noticing how lush the foliage is now, with layers and layers of weeds and seeds gone to ground.

Seeing the dilapidated houses and storefronts of Concord is a bit of a wow moment, there’s still a burst of colour from plants and the brickwork, while realistic shadows fall across the facades. The footage makes you want to grab control and head off to explore every detail. We can only hope this is what the eventual release of Fallout 5 looks like.

While we don’t see much in the way of monsters, we do get glimpses of different areas, taking in large rippling bodies of water, run-down facilities speckled with the broken fuselage of a crashed airplane. Oh to have a PC powerful enough to run something like this.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Digital Dreams

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