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EA is finally killing its Origin Launcher

EA is finally killing its Origin Launcher

There's a sting in the tale, though.

Origin is on its way out, long live the new EA App. As per Electronic Arts' statement, this will be "a faster, more reliable, and more streamlined gaming experience," in theory.

"For over 10 years we’ve welcomed millions of players into our Origin platform, we’ve listened to your feedback and acknowledge the limitations of this platform in a quickly evolving entertainment landscape," explained Electronic Arts. Indeed, Origin is notorious for crashes of every order, which complicated things when Electronic Arts decided that each of its first-party games would only be available on PC on Origin up until 2019.

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The EA App is going to be "EA's next-generation PC game platform" and will let users connect their EA account to Steam, Xbox and PlayStation to integrate their friends lists. Local and cloud saves of course will transfer over, but Mac users will have to wait for that version of the EA App to release before they can get stuck in.

And, in a cruel twist of irony, the new EA App seems to have shot Battlefield 3 players in the legs. If you try to play Battlefield 3 through the EA App, it will let you know that it is only available through Origin. That's a problem if you've already migrated your account over to the EA App, and to make matters worse, you aren't able to run both programs at the same time. Hopefully the Electronic Arts team is aware of the hiccups and is actively working on a resolution once the full launch of EA App rolls out for Mac users too.

Featured Image Credit: EA, Lionsgate

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