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EA's Black Panther game revealed to be open world

EA's Black Panther game revealed to be open world

Black Panther is going to have a big open world to explore

You may have forgotten about this happening, but EA is here to remind us that it wasn’t a fever dream – a Black Panther video game is on its way. And to our surprise, it’s going to be open world.

In July 2023, the gaming community was left reeling after it was announced a Black Panther single-player game was on the way. The news came out of nowhere, and the details offered were scarce.

Since then, not much has changed with regards to information; we’re all trying to figure out what’s happening with few solid facts to go on.

However, EA may have just showed its hand slightly because a job for senior sandbox designer has appeared on the publisher’s website.

If the new Black Panther game is as amazing as Marvel's Spider-Man 2, we're in for a treat.

There’s a lot of responsibilities listed for the role, however, the one bit that jumped out was the need for the successful applicant to “be instrumental in designing and populating encounters, systems, and gameplay within a dynamic and evolving open world.”

The designer will also be in charge of designing and implementing “AI systems, encounters, and gameplay mechanics that contribute to a rich, sandbox environment”.

Nevertheless, while it seems that Marvel’s iconic superhero will explore an open world, there will also be “structured missions”, which we can only assume means more linear gameplay.

Seeing as EA has chosen not to offer any further insight into the role, or the game, we will have to just wait and see what else gamers will discover while they go fishing for more information.

This isn’t the only superhero experience eventually releasing that’ll showcase Black Panther’s skillset – there's also Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra on the way too.

With a scheduled launch for 2025, it’ll be interesting to see if EA can match that deadline with its new Marvel inspired adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, EA

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