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Dwayne Johnson Wants To Be The Next James Bond

Dwayne Johnson Wants To Be The Next James Bond

The Rock already has ties to the film series.

There are a lot of conversations going on about who will be the next bond following on from Daniel Craig. Many have argued it should be someone like Idris Elba, while others think it should go to someone like Henry Cavill. But one actor whose name we haven’t heard thrown into the ring is none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and as it turns out, he wants a piece of the action. 

The actor recently did an interview with Esquire (spotted by Comicbook) and speaks about how his grandfather was actually a villain in a James Bond film. You Only Die Twice featured Sean Connery as Bond, of course, but one of the people he has a fight with is actually acted by Johnson’s wrestler grandfather, Peter Maivia. When speaking to Esquire, however, the actor noted that he’d like to be Bond, with a grin.

Here is the trailer for Red Notice...

The actor is currently promoting his Netflix film Red Notice and that led to Esquire asking about his grandfather. The WWE wrestler says: “Yes, my grandfather was a Bond villain in You Only Live Twice with Sean Connery. It was very, very cool. And I would like to follow in his footsteps and be the next Bond. I don't wanna be a villain. Gotta be Bond.” He also gives a smile that makes me think he’s not exactly serious about the proposal. 

Of course, he’s an American and maybe a tad older than appropriate for the role. Famously, Bond has to have a classic British accent, so I can’t personally imagine The Rock taking on the role. And then there is the problem that he’s absolutely the biggest guy in any room and can be spotted from a mile away. 

In any case, it’s a fun fact that his Grandfather was in the films, and additionally, The Rock explains that he pees in bottles a lot. Yeah, no really, that's a big topic of the film.

Featured Image Credit: Eon Productions Ltd. / Dwayne Johnson

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