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Legendary Dragon Ball Voice Narrator Jōji Yanami Dead At 90

Legendary Dragon Ball Voice Narrator Jōji Yanami Dead At 90

It has been confirmed that the voice actor passed away on December 3.

Jōji Yanami, a legendary Japanese voice actor best known for his work in the Dragon Ball franchise, has died at the age of 90.

A Japanese news outlet, Nikkan Sports, revealed that Yanami passed away on December 3, which was later confirmed by his agency, Aoni Production. A closed funeral service was held for his family, and Aoni Production wrote that it wanted to express its sincere gratitude to Yanami for his kindness during his lifetime.

On Twitter, the agency added: “We pay our respects to the great Jōji Yanami, legendary Japanese voice actor who gave life to King Kai, Dr. Briefs, Professor Yumi, Gennai, Babidi, Gan Fall, narration in the Dragon Ball franchise, and so much more. Rest in peace and thank you.”

Dragon Ball fans have been pouring out their support and celebrating Yanami’s life. “Rest In Peace Jōji Yanami. You were definitely one of those voices that made Dragon Ball special and unique. No doubt one of my favourites on the show, so this news saddens me” wrote Twitter user @InnovativeJdawg. “R.i.p, he truly had talent and deserves this respect. Much love and prayers to his family” tweeted @LessLard.

Yanami’s voice acting career began in 1963, when he played the role of Boss in the anime series Wolf Boy Ken. It was 1986 when he began working with the original Dragon Ball series, voicing the characters Dr. Briefs, King, Dr. Frappe, Mousse, and of course, the Narrator too. He continued his role as Narrator across the other Dragon Ball anime series, including Z, Kai, and Super. In his career, he also voiced characters in Moomin, Astro Boy, Digimon Adventure, and One Piece.

On 25 September 2015, it was announced that Yanami would be taking medical leave from Dragon Ball Super, and his roles were passed on to Naoki Tatsuta. Yanami unfortunately never returned to the series. 

Yanami’s career was one that spanned so much anime history, and his impact on the industry will not be forgotten. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends, and may he rest in peace.

Featured Image Credit: Toei Animation

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