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Disney Announce New Game Set To Rival Pokémon

Disney Announce New Game Set To Rival Pokémon

Disney have announced a new collectible card game, which is set to rival the likes of Magic: The Gathering.

Very few collectible card games out there have had the sticking power of Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!. Countless franchises have attempted to break into the wonderful world of shiny cardboard, and sure, there’s been some relative levels of success, but none have ever really managed to match the big three. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new life sim game, set to release in early access on 6 September - check it out below.

As reported by Polygon though, Disney is going to be making its own attempt with Disney Lorcana - a new collectible trading card game made in collaboration with Ravensburger. The first sets of cards are expected to release around the latter half of 2023, but a first look at them will be revealed during D23 Expo, which kicks off on 9 September. 

“The basic idea is there’s this place called The Great Illuminary,” brand manager Ryan Miller said (via Polygon). “It is a treasury of all the Disney songs and stories ever made - all the characters - and it’s where they’re kind of recorded. The players take on this role of an Illumineer - this powerful sorcerer that has the ability to bring these characters to life off the page. [Players will be] bringing a band of their [favourite] Disney characters together to adventure in this world.”

The team behind Lorcana have faith that the game will appeal to a wide audience, and will be able to set itself apart from its fellow card game rivals.

Magic [The Gathering], I would say, has a very high competition level,” Miller said. “People love that about Magic. We have pulled back from it. I wouldn’t say that we’re cooperative in any sense - it’s definitely a strategy card game. But I would say that we’ve pulled back the confrontation level, because we feel that that will appeal to a lot more folks. So if you think [of] chess as the highest confrontation level you can get, we’re a bunch of notches behind that because we want people to have fun [...] with these characters that they love so much.”

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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