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‘Diablo 4’ Footage Has Leaked Showing Actual Gameplay

‘Diablo 4’ Footage Has Leaked Showing Actual Gameplay

Private Test Build material has made its way online

After the huge Grand Theft Auto VI leak of the weekend, now comes news of a slightly smaller but nonetheless notable instance of gameplay finding its way online ahead of time. As VGC reports, over 40 minutes of Diablo IV footage has been uploaded, apparently coming from a ‘Private Test Build’.

Not due out until 2023, Diablo IV was revealed by its makers Blizzard Entertainment back in November 2019. Previously leaked material showed off the game’s character creator functions and official updates have also detailed UI upgrades and new monster designs. But this leak features a wealth of full-on gameplay - and no, we’re not about to post the clips ourselves, obviously, but they can be found via reddit, here.

Here’s a cinematic trailer for Diablo IV instead…

The gameplay sees the player face off against, amongst other nasties, the massive Mohlon the Snake Queen, and follow quests titled Judgement of the Swamp and Wrack & Ruin. I don’t personally know enough about Diablo as a series - never one I've found the time for, sorry - to be able to comment on how the new title looks and plays compared to prior entries, but it sure seems good to these non-fan eyeballs. Gritty and grimy yet crisp and clear of purpose and full of character, yeah, this is shaping up nicely, even if we weren’t meant to see it yet.

VGC’s report adds that this footage was likely recorded by someone watching alpha test gameplay in real time, and that the play themselves will be identifiable by an on-screen ID number, so Blizzard won’t have too many problems catching up with whoever - accidentally or deliberately - put this footage out there. If you’re excited for Diablo 4, there’s sure to be much more said about it officially soon enough - albeit not in a BlizzCon format anytime soon as this year’s event was cancelled over ongoing abuse investigations at Activision Blizzard.

Featured Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

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