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Developer responds to PS5 exclusivity complaints by telling people to buy a PS5

Developer responds to PS5 exclusivity complaints by telling people to buy a PS5

One Final Fantasy 16 developer has advised fans that if they're unhappy with the game's PS5 exclusivity, they can buy a PS5.

We’re over two years into the PlayStation 5’s life cycle and so, perhaps rather unsurprisingly, the shift towards PlayStation 5 exclusive titles is becoming slightly more apparent. It’s a transition that’s not going down particularly well though, mainly because of the fact that the PlayStation 4 still proves to be a worthy rival.

Pull up God of War Ragnarök on the PS5 and PS4 and I bet it would take you a few minutes to start spotting the differences. Still, the PS5 does clearly have its benefits. In a few months, Guerrilla Games will release the Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores in what will be their first PS5 exclusive. Seeing as Forbidden West was also available on the PS4, it’s a decision that hasn’t gone down well with fans. One Final Fantasy 16 developer has responded to fans with similar complaints over that title’s exclusivity.

Check out the trailer for Burning Shores below.

As reported by TechDirt, FFXVI developer Naoki Yoshida has responded to fans complaining about the game’s timed PS5 exclusivity by telling them to … buy a PS5. Wow, I bet they hadn’t thought of that, I say with a thick dose of sarcasm. Translated by Twitter user Genki_JPN (Via TechDirt), Yoshida told fans, “Nobody said a word about a PC version releasing. Why is it like a PC version is releasing six months later?” Don’t worry about that, buy a PlayStation 5.”

“Sorry, I went overboard. We did our best so please look forward to it.” Right, so it does sound like Yoshida was perhaps joking - we hope so anyway. It’s no secret that PS5s cost a pretty penny and aren’t exactly the type of thing you can buy on a whim. If you do want one though, the PS5 shortage is officially over according to boss Jim Ryan which is good news.

As mentioned, FFXVI is only a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive. This period will last for six months so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long before getting their hands on this title.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Television, Martin Katler via Unsplash

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