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Blizzard Boss Says He Wants To "Rebuild Trust" In The Company

Blizzard Boss Says He Wants To "Rebuild Trust" In The Company

This statement comes after the announcement that Microsoft is set to acquire Activision, which Ybarra describes as "exciting news".

It goes without saying that Activision Blizzard was under a lot of fire last year after the horrifying lawsuits that emerged, which exposed misogynistic practices, what’s been described as a “frat boy culture” in the workplace, as well as generally unfair labour practices. 

After Microsoft has announced their huge plan to acquire Activision and all its studios by around June 2023, various questions were raised about what we might expect to happen going forward, particularly in regards to the controversial Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, and whether or not he might step down. 

Overwatch 2 is, of course, in the works, although we don't have a release date yet. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below.

Well, following the news of the acquisition, the head of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Ybarra, issued a statement detailing what the company is doing now to improve not only the working environment for its staff, but to regain the trust of the gaming community. 

“I’ve been leading Blizzard for a couple of months now, and in addition to the exciting news this week, I want to share some initial thoughts as we strive to put our team and players at the forefront of everything we do,” he wrote. “2021 was challenging for all of us. As individuals, we care about treating everyone around us with respect and dignity. As professionals, we care deeply about our crafts, and we want to work in the most supportive and safe environment possible. Our top priority - now and into the future - is the work we are doing to rebuild your trust in Blizzard.”

Some of the company's action plans include the appointment of a new leader for their Human Resources department, who will “build trust, empower our teams, and help foster a safe, positive work environment for everyone”, and the introduction of a diversity, equity and inclusion leader. The size of Blizzard's compliance and investigation teams has also tripled, and they “have articulated clear accountability for unacceptable behaviour.”

The statement was rounded off with Ybarra giving his thanks, saying: “I want to thank our communities and our incredible teams for your dedication and guidance, which will always be our north star. Here’s to an incredible 2022 and beyond.”

Featured Image Credit: Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment

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