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BioWare Writer Says Mass Effect TV Show News Made Him "Cringe"

BioWare Writer Says Mass Effect TV Show News Made Him "Cringe"

And it's because of how the players are going to receive it.

David Gaider, who previously worked as a lead writer at BioWare, has said that the idea of the Mass Effect TV show makes him cringe. It was revealed that Amazon was nearing a deal on making a show revolving around the game but the writer doesn’t think the show will live up the hopes and dreams of the game's fan base. 

As reported by Eurogamer, David Gaider took to Twitter to explain why the idea of the series made him feel that way - although it was better than the idea of a movie. The writer says: “I'm relieved to see that the Mass Effect / Amazon deal is for a potential TV series and not a movie. Even so, the possibility (and likewise for Dragon Age) makes me cringe just a little, unlike many fans who appear... excited?”

BioWare's fans have been loving the revival of the trilogy with Mass Effect Legendary Edition...

He goes on to essentially explain how important each individual run of the game is to the player. The protagonists of BioWare games are a blank slate so that the player can make their own way through the games, becoming closer to the companions and story beats that they choose. When you’re watching a show, a lot of that is lost. And that’s without mentioning if the main character will be male or female - a choice always debated within the communities. 

Gaider says: “Consider just how much of the story is off-loaded onto the companions. They are the cyphers through which the player gets most of their emotional engagement from. On their own, the DA and ME protagonists are... well, pretty boring. That's not going to fly. And think of those companions. Think of how much the fanbase is attached to them. Now consider the fact that there is no way in hell any single story could encompass them all equally. Think of the howls of rage when companion X is relegated to a cameo... or not there at all.”

Perhaps he’s right. It’s going to at least be a challenge for Amazon to find a way to appease fans and additionally bring in the average non-gaming consumer. Of course, it’s going to be difficult but hopefully, people who watch will be able to respect that Amazon had to pick a protagonist and a Shepard to helm the show. 

Gaider, after writing this long thread about the game, took to Twitter to clarify that he didn’t hate the show - it just faces challenges.

Featured Image Credit: EA / Bioware

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