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Battlefield 3 hailed as peak of franchise on its 12th anniversary

Battlefield 3 hailed as peak of franchise on its 12th anniversary

Battlefield 3 hailed as peak of franchise on its 12th anniversary

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Battlefield 3, fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on the 2011 FPS, calling it the “peak of the franchise”.

The Battlefield series is considered one of the best FPS franchises of all time and is up there with fellow titles in the genre such as Call of Duty and PUBG. First released in 2002 with Battlefield 1942, the EA DICE series is still as popular today as it was over twenty years ago. However, with almost 40 overall titles in the series, it is no surprise that some were a lot more popular than others and according to some fans, the top spot belongs to Battlefield 3.

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Now celebrating its 12th anniversary, Battlefield 3 is still being hailed by fans as one of the best. This was seen in a recent Reddit post documenting the occasion. The post saw many comments praising Battlefield 3’s epic trailer and theme whilst others went on to compare it to other instalments. “Remember when we were all younger and we thought: "Wow, isn't Battlefield 3 amazing?! It's SO good. I wonder how amazing the new Battlefield games will be in the future,” read one comment. “Pain. We didn't know how good we had it..”

Another user had a heartwarming story to share. “I played BF3 on the Xbox 360 a few years ago for the nostalgia and I was very pleased to find out that it was still very much alive,” they wrote. “I played it for a few hours and then decided to take a look at the dog tags and realized that I had one from an old friend of mine that had died a few years before. It was simultaneously the saddest and happiest session I had ever played.”

It is clear that despite its age and many more instalments having followed, Battlefield 3 is still a highlight of many gaming careers and shows that new doesn’t always mean best.

Featured Image Credit: EA DICE

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