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'Battlefield 2042' Major Post-Launch Content Delayed, Says Insider

'Battlefield 2042' Major Post-Launch Content Delayed, Says Insider

A new datamine suggests it could be months before Battlefield 2042 sees any new content added.

So, Battlefield 2042 launch has been a bit of a mess, huh? Having been out for just over a month now, the general consensus on the game hasn’t exactly been positive - at the time of writing, over on Steam, it has over 77 thousand reviews, with an overall score of Mostly Negative.

Well, if you thought things couldn’t get much worse, a new datamined leak suggests that the game won’t be getting any new content - or even its first season - until March 2022. Which, is a long time to wait when the game doesn’t exactly feel very finished in the first place. 

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The leaked information comes from temporyal, one of Battlefield 2042’s most prominent dataminers. They posted the leak on Twitter, explaining that the game’s client includes weekly missions for 12 preseason weeks, which in theory, brings us all the way up to March. There is a chance, as temporyal suggested, that some of these weeks could have been added as “backup”, rather than the devs actually expecting to make players wait that long, but at this point, it’s impossible to tell.

Over on Reddit, players haven’t been taking the news very well: “The game was clearly rushed and this is just another result of that. Even the CoD devs make sure they have DLC ready shortly after launch,” commented u/poklane. “I don't even think it was rushed. I think EA has gotten Battlefield to such a point with these last few releases. That they can go ahead and just release it early, in [an] alpha-like state, they can go ahead and start making money off of it earlier,” added u/Lavonicus. “They keep doing this same s**t over and over again and people keep giving them money. Saying it is rushed just doesn't fit the bill IMO, came out a year early so they could go ahead and make money? You bet.”

It’s not all bad news though, as temporyal also had some information about a new map, which will probably arrive alongside season one. Its final name is reportedly “Exposure” - it’s thought that a previously datamined map, “Ridge”, was its working title. Exposure will apparently be based around a landslide, which has taken place near a Canadian-US research facility base.

Obviously, keep in mind none of this information has been confirmed by the actual dev team yet, so things could change. With some claiming that the game is already dead (it reportedly lost 70% of its players in just two weeks on Steam), fingers crossed we won’t be waiting too long for more content. 

Featured Image Credit: EA, DICE, KC Green

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