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Amouranth Buys Eye-Watering Amount Of Stock In Activision Blizzard

Amouranth Buys Eye-Watering Amount Of Stock In Activision Blizzard

The streamer announced her investment over on Twitter - she hopes to get a 20% return, so long as Microsoft's acquisition is finalised.

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a controversial name on Twitch, to say the least. The streamer has a massive fanbase, with over 5 million followers on the Amazon-owned streaming platform (at the time of writing), and rose to fame (or perhaps notoriety) after helping popularise what was known as the “hot-tub meta”. Basically, think “just chatting” except with significantly less clothes. It’s got its own category now, anyway, so that's here to stay.

With all that popularity comes a lot of money, and Siragusa is no stranger to making big investments in the hopes of boosting that money further. She’s previously invested millions of dollars into Google, and perhaps a bit more randomly, bought a gas station? I mean, okay, sure. Anyway, she’s now thrown yet another chunky sum of cash into something, and this time, something directly related to the games industry.

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Over on her personal Twitter account (@wildkait), the streamer announced that she’s bought almost $2 million worth of Activision Blizzard stock ($1,903,920, to be exact). I’ll be honest, reader, I can’t even begin to understand the jargon in her tweet, but thankfully, Twitter user @LioOneMorePixel has translated it into simple terms: “[She’s] hoping for a 20% return on investment if the acquisition of the company by Microsoft is finalised in 2023,” they wrote, quote retweeting her original post.

So, what exactly is she hoping to achieve with this investment? Other than money, that is. Continuing her Twitter thread, she joked that she wanted to help the company de-objectify women: “I’M GOING FOR A BOARD SEAT WITH THE AIM TO DE-OBJECTIFY WOMEN. TURN THEM BACK FROM BOWLS OF FRUIT INTO WOMEN,” wrote, attaching a screenshot from World of Warcraft, showing how the game had bizarrely chosen to censor a painting of a woman. 

As for her wider goals, she’s previously said that she’s working towards opening her own animal shelter, to help those who need rehabilitation or have faced neglect, which is very wholesome, actually. That said, her plan (as she explained last November) is to keep going on Twitch until “it doesn’t make sense anymore”, and with her popularity still going strong, we’re almost certainly not going to see the last of her anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth via Twitch

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