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Someone Imagined 'Among Us' As A Netflix Show And Now We Want It

Someone Imagined 'Among Us' As A Netflix Show And Now We Want It

"The Thing, but make it Cluedo."

With this deeply creepy poster, we've seen what an Among Us Netflix show could look like, and I'd actually reactivate my membership if this was made into reality.

Simon Brewer, an expert user interface artist at Unbroken Studios, has mocked up a small handful of these "what if" scenarios and shared them to social media. Like what if the main character of Stray was a dachshund, or what if Supermassive Games made a Scooby-Doo game?

Take a look at a fan film that explores the unsettling origin of the Imposter. Top tip: don't get attached to anyone.

Riffing off the style of Squid Game's title, Brewer's interpretation of Among Us is very unsettling. An astronaut, standing prone in a chunky red suit, stares with an eyeless gaze at the viewer, arms extended awkwardly from their torso. Looking closer, the shadows pressing against the empty blue background spirals out into tentacles stretching to every corner. Looking even closer, if you can bear it, razor-sharp teeth sparkle the low light inside the visor of the astronaut.

Easily, my favourite part of the whole thing is the sparking electrical cable. Ah, that takes me back. If this were to become a real show, it would be awesome if Netflix integrated some of its interactive elements like Minecraft: Story Mode and Bandersnatch, allowing viewers to vote characters out at the end of the episode. The most popular result would become the storyline going forward, meaning that no one really knows who to trust and how it will all end. You're welcome for the idea.

Featured Image Credit: Simon Brewer via Twitter, Innersloth

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