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80-Year-Old Twitch Grandma Gets Over $30,000 As Bigger Streamers Donate

80-Year-Old Twitch Grandma Gets Over $30,000 As Bigger Streamers Donate

She now has to stay live for nine days straight.

Players of World Of Warcraft were showing the love yesterday when one streamer from the community was celebrating her 80th birthday.

WoWGrandma78 was celebrating the milestone with a subathon on her Twitch channel. This is where you begin streaming, and every new subscriber or donation you receive you have to extend the time for which you will be live.

Grandma is a widow with six children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren, who wanted to spend her birthday doing what she loves best. Playing World Of Warcraft since its release, the druid main loves nothing more than streaming and meeting people from all over the world.

Here is the game Grandma is all about. You learn more about World Of Warcraft Classic in the trailer here.

The nature of a subathon means creators have no idea how long they will be on camera for, and with very popular streamers the subathon can last for days. Grandma has a pretty good following on the streaming platform with over 55,000 followers. However, this doesn't match the millions of fans some of the bigger creators on the service have.

As spotted by Dexerto, the subathon was coming along as normal when content creator CouRage tweeted about it to his almost 2million followers. In the tweet he calls Grandma his "favourite streamer on Twitch". Following this, many of his fans rushed to Grandma's stream and dropped over $20,000 in subs and donations.

Then, following on from the wave of goodwill fellow streamer Trainwreckstv, who has almost 2million followers on the streaming service, popped by to say hello. While he was there he also donated a further $10,000 to Grandma who has been playing World Of Warcraft for 17 years.

All the donations however have been extending her subathon, which is now to run for over 200 hours. Don't worry about Grandma's health though, she is still taking breaks. At the time of writing, Grandma has been live for 14 hours and is currently on a break, presumably to sleep. While she is gone though, you can enjoy a slide show with photos of her and captions with where they were taken. Wholesome all round. 

Featured Image Credit: WoWGrandma78 via Twitch

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