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GAMINGbible’s Top Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2021 Games And TV

GAMINGbible’s Top Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2021 Games And TV

Stressed out and scrambling through the shops? Don't worry, we've got just the list for you.

Double, double toil and trouble; you don’t have a costume and Halloween is literally this weekend. Seeing that this is my favourite holiday of the year, I can’t relate to this concept. However, I’m hardly going to be superior about it. In fact, the GAMINGbible team has pulled together this list of Halloween costumes from your favourite games and TV shows! We’re helpful like that.

What’s more is that these costumes are easy and cheap to sort out and there’s a range of spooky, sappy and sophisticated characters to scroll through. So, with no more ado, here is our list of Halloween costumes from Resident Evil, Hitman, Squid Game and more…

On that topic, Resident Evil has countless characters and creatures for some inspiration this spooky season. Check out our video on how the series has transformed over the years!

Lady Dimitrescu, Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village /

There is simply no way in heaven or hell that Lady Dimitrescu would be absent from our list of gaming costumes for the spooky season. Firstly, she’s kind of a vampire, so that’s one box ticked. Secondly, her impact simply cannot be understated — Capcom actually went and did beach towels with Lady Dimitrescu’s face on them for a giveaway. Her character design is exquisite and effective to strike fear and steal hearts among Resi fans. 

For this, the most important things are the black, wide brimmed hat and the white floor-length dress. Then, you should use a deep red lipstick, pink and pale pink shades on your eyes with heavy eyeliner and mascara, and fill in your brows. Extras like jewellery, her floral corsage and claws are optional; distaste for Ethan Winters is not. 

Troll, Valheim

A Troll in Valheim /
Iron Gate Studio

Before we get into the guide, the trolls of Valheim are naked. Do not be naked for Halloween. Or for any other holiday. That will cause a ruckus.

Buy some blue face and body paint and dig out a pair of blue shorts and a blue shirt from your wardrobe (make sure they’re clothes that you’re not too worried about painting accidentally). For the moss that grows on the creatures, wrap double sided sticky tape on your forearms and attach differing lengths of green strips of fabric or string to the tape. 

If you’re wearing a blue shirt, you might even be able to weave some string across the front of the shirt for the chest… moss. Vikings will be out en masse on Halloween, so craft yourself a club from cardboard (note to self: tell flatmate not to throw out the recycling). 

Raz, Psychonauts 2

Raz in Psychonauts 2 /
Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 is a “riot of rampant colour and uncommon cool,” and who here doesn’t want to be uncommonly cool these days? Our hero Raz is plucky, tenacious, kind-hearted, psychically-gifted and he’s got a very easy outfit to copy. 

Raz wears clothes that you’ll likely have seen in your dad’s wardrobe — a big brown jacket, a green turtleneck jumper, a pair of blue jeans and a satchel. Actually, I imagine the satchel would be useful if you’re off out for Halloween because you won’t need to worry about your wallet, keys and phone. The hardest thing to track down is going to be his brown helmet and red goggles, but if you turn up empty handed on that hunt, then there’s a much more minimalist costume below.

Agent 47, Hitman

Agent 47 in Hitman 3 /
IO Interactive

An absolute classic. Given the serious success of the World of Assassination trilogy, this will be a hit for Halloween year after year. 

A black two piece suit with a white shirt is the base here, and a plain red tie is straightforward to find at any clothes store. Leather gloves will certainly keep the chill off your pinkies now that the cold weather is here to stay. And, the bald cap can come from a fancy dress store and there are loads of tutorials on the Internet on how to fix it onto your noggin. Depending on what kind of bald cap it is, you might need to use foundation to blend the edges into your forehead and temples. 

If you’ve got a housemate with very steady hands, you could even ask them to stencil out the barcode at the nape of your neck. Personally, I would take that opportunity to change the numbers to something silly, so it’s your call.

Cody and May, It Takes Two

Cody and May from It Takes Two /

This one is twofold — an adorable couples costume and a test of the strength of your relationship. Cody wears a red woven shirt, but you’ll get the same effect if you roll up the sleeves on your jumper. He’s got baggy green trousers and a brown sash tied to his waist.

Be sure to cut out a cardboard green button with two leaves affixed to it and pin it to your jumper. You don’t need to dye your hair green, either, as most drug stores will have cans of hair colour spray in the haircare aisle. 

Again, May’s top is woven, but a yellow short sleeve shirt will work here. She wears patchwork blue trousers, and if you’ve got a pair of those already, let me know where you got them? Cut out a blue button from recycled cardboard, stick it to your shirt and tie your hair with a yellow ribbon. 

May has round glasses that you’ll be able to find in a Claire’s Accessories or something similar, and if you’ve got some time, you could even paint joins on your elbows, wrists and fingers to look like a wooden doll. 

Player and Enforcer, Squid Game

Squid Game /

Squid Game, in all of its glory and gore, became a streaming sensation overnight and I’ve still got questions over that twisty turny ending. Whether you’re a player or an enforcer, there’s bound to be loads of other people dressed like the characters from the show. Be sure to snap some photos of your makeshift group as you paint the town red. 

For the costume, you could hunt online and pay a lot of moolah for the clothes that are extremely in demand right now and for the shipping to arrive in time for your party. Or, you could find a teal tracksuit and a plain white shirt at the shops. Choose your number and draw it out on a big piece of cardboard. Cut the number out, lay the stencil on the shirt, then colour in the fabric underneath. Easy as 123. 

The enforcer costume will need a pink boiler suit — pink is a pretty rare colour for a utility piece of clothing, so you might be better off buying a white one and bright pink fabric dye. And you can make the mask using a sieve, black and white spray paint, black tape, and a strip of elastic to hold it on. Don’t forget the gloves! 

And, I’m not going to give you a VIP costume guide. No one wants to be a VIP. 

Robber, Money Heist

Money Heist /

This is one that is being sold in a bundle on online shops, too, though it’s almost certainly less of a headache to source the clothes yourself. It’s similar to the enforcer costume for Squid Game, but you’ll be looking for a red boiler suit — this shade is much more common than pink, luckily. If it comes with a hood, perfect, but if it doesn’t, then it’s not a worry. Plus, keeping the boiler suit means you’ve always got coveralls if you want to do some DIY in the future. 

Of course, the robbers wear a very specific Dali mask to maintain their anonymity. This could be found in a fancy dress store or you could buy a blank mask from an art store and give it a go yourself. Complete the look with some big boots and white gloves.

Featured Image Credit: IO Interactive, Capcom, Netflix

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