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The worst video games of 2022, according to Metacritic

The worst video games of 2022, according to Metacritic

Oh boy.

It's happening. Metacritic's worst games of the year are here, and miraculously enough, the list includes one that I was certain hadn't come out yet so well done to the PR for the damage control.

On the whole, 2022 has been a thoroughly reliable year for games. Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring tied for the number of nominations for the games at The Game Awards 2022, and given that these two released near the start of the year, it shows their impact. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 knocked the socks off critics and fans with its storytelling, moreish new combat mechanics and of course, an inimitable soundtrack. And I'm yet to get stuck into God of War Ragnarök ('tis the season, after all) but what the team have said about the game is practically glowing with praise.

Check out the trailer for the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC here!

As such, it's tough to recall any actual clangers this year. It's lucky that Metacritic has been keeping track of the stunners and those that faltered out of the gates, and we've now got the list of top ten worst games of the year and their according scores:

  • Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition - 52
  • Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief - 52
  • The Waylanders - 51
  • The Last Oricru - 50
  • Zorro: The Chronicles - 49
  • LEGO Brawls - 46
  • XEL - 43
  • Babylon's Fall - 41
  • CrossfireX - 38
  • POSTAL 4: No Regerts - 30

Before we eviscerate any of the above, let's remember that real people worked on these and the pay packets kept the lights on even though the final product might have... missed the mark in many ways. Personally, I am floored to see CrossfireX here because I was sure that hadn't come out yet. The single-player was developed by Remedy Entertainment (yes, that Remedy Entertainment) and I definitely know that I could reveal my work Secret Santa to them without hearing a peep.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts, on the other hand, has been described to be "embarrassing," "devoid of humour" and "barely runs." Just like me post-New Year's Eve celebrations.

Featured Image Credit: LEGO Games, Xbox Game Studios, Square Enix

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