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​The Witcher 3's Creepiest Easter Egg Is One Of My Favourite Gaming Secrets

​The Witcher 3's Creepiest Easter Egg Is One Of My Favourite Gaming Secrets

Doctor Who makes everything better

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a ridiculously hefty game. CD Projekt RED's masterful fantasy RPG has not one, but two massive unique open world areas to explore, each with their own in-depth quests, monsters, and secrets to discover.

It's no surprise that a game this large is stuffed to the gills with Easter eggs and fun references, but there's one in particular that has always stood out to me. You may well have already experienced this one for yourself (it's pretty well-known), but there's a deliciously creepy Doctor Who reference hidden away in the game that's absolutely worth seeing.

Next time you find yourself in Velen, consider heading to the village of Lindenvale. There's a small church nearby, the entrance to which is guarded by two stone angels. Head inside the church and back out again, and you'll see that the angels have moved in the blink of an eye to face you. You can see the Easter egg in action right here if you've somehow been unaware of it for all this time.

There's really not much more to it than that, unfortunately. The angels only move once (fast travelling or leaving and returning doesn't reset the encounter), and all Geralt has to say on the matter is that it's "interesting". You'd think a monster hunter for hire might want to look into mysterious teleporting statues, but whatever.

Despite the fact the encounter is incredibly brief, I love it. For one thing, I'm a massive Doctor Who fan and am more than happy to see any reference to the terrifying Weeping Angels of Blink (one of the best David Tennant episodes). But the beauty of it is that it works whether or not you're a fan of Doctor Who - although if you're not you need to have a word with yourself.

Doctor Who /

If you are a fan, you spot these angels and immediately get a fanboyish rush of dopamine as you realise that the people who made an epic adventure RPG that you're loving every second of have also acknowledged the existence of one of your favourite shows. If you're not a fan, it totally still works! If anything, I'd say it's even creepier that you've just come face-to-face with two mysterious moving statues and have absolutely no clue why they're there.

TLDR: Doctor Who makes everything better. Even The Witcher 3.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt/BBC

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