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Fallout 4: 5 improvements in the free new-gen patch

Fallout 4: 5 improvements in the free new-gen patch

There are five great reasons to play Fallout 4 today

Fallout fans are rejoicing as the new-gen patch for Fallout 4 is finally here, after months of delays. The crux of this patch is bringing the game up to new-gen standards seen on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Whether you’re headed back to the Fallout wasteland, or it’s your first visit after watching the Amazon Studios TV show, there are a lot of reasons to fire up the game and check out the patch.

New-gen modes

For the latest consoles, Bethesda has brought Fallout 4 into the new generation. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles will now feature both performance and quality mode options. Performance mode will offer a 60fps target, 4K resolution and will rely on dynamic resolution scaling. Quality mode, however, will be set to 30fps and will feature ‘ultra settings’ visuals. There will also be widescreen and ultra-widescreen monitor support for PC players.

More ways to play

With this new update, Fallout 4 will now be available on the Epic Games Store for the first time ever. The game will also be Steam Deck verified meaning top-notch performance on the Valve handheld which is a reason to celebrate for owners, and of course Steam owners can take advantage of Steam workshop for mod content.

Enclave Remnants

There will be new Creation Club items and weapons available to players after completing the quest “Echoes of the Past” which starts on the road north of Saugus Ironworks. The list includes some awesome variants for power armour in the X-02 and Hellfire power armour. You can also take the war to the wasteland with two new weapons, the Heavy Incinerator and the Tesla Cannon, both are bombastic ways to slay. You’ll also find new weapon and armour skins from the Enclave.

Makeshift weapons

If you pick up the quest “When Pigs Fly” from the merchant workshop northeast of Greenetech Genetics, you’ll unlock even more weapon options as you transform objects “into murderous projectiles”. Included are two grenade launchers, a nail gun, a baseball launcher, a saw blade launcher, and piggy bank-based weapons.

Time to decorate early

On completing the “All Hallow’s Eve” quest via your Pip-Boy, you can unlock 38 “spine-tingling” Halloween props to decorate your settlement. It might be a bit early in the year to head out trick or treating, but who wouldn’t want jack o’lanterns and witchy decorations to spruce up the old homestead?

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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