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10 Xbox games you can play free to celebrate Pride Month

10 Xbox games you can play free to celebrate Pride Month

Explore these incredible LGBTQIA+ stories

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service gives us access to some exciting titles each month but this Pride month, why not use your membership to access some incredible LGBTQIA+ titles ranging from big AAA releases to lesser-known indie titles?

If you are an Xbox Game Pass member, it is easy to forget that as well as major day one releases, the service also allows you to access a large catalog of titles whenever you want. That is why enjoying some diverse stories this month is easier than ever.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some games available this month featuring LGBTQIA+ characters and their stories.


We are starting with a banger that may have first been released in 2018 but still holds up to this day. The narrative-driven platformer sees Madeline fight her inner demons as she journeys to the top of Celeste Mountain.

Although it was not clarified at launch (it has since been), Madeline is a transgender woman and the overall story of Celeste is one of self-discovery and acceptance. It is no wonder this is such an important title six years on.


If you want a laid-back experience but with a beautiful narrative then Unpacking is the one for you. This relaxing puzzle game tasks the players with following the unnamed main character throughout their lives as they move from their childhood home, to university to their very first home.

However, players soon discover all there is to know about the MC through their possessions, including the fact they are in a same-sex relationship at one point in time.

Part block-fitting puzzle, part home decoration, Unpacking is a short but impactful title.

Unpacking /
Humble Bundle

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The third major game in the Dragon Age franchise is free with Xbox Game Pass this month and although the BioWare title is a well-known RPG, those who haven’t played would be excited to learn that it features quite the diverse cast.

From queer romance options to openly queer characters, Inquisition is not too shy to show that love comes in all forms. Without giving too much away, there is a transgender NPC as well as gay and bisexual love interests you are free to romance.

Tell Me Why

Available for free on most platforms for Pride month, Tell Me Why by Dontnod Entertainment is a 2020 episodic adventure game.

Similar to Life is Strange from the same developers, Tell Me Why tells the story of reunited twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan as they use their supernatural bond to uncover the memories of their loving but troubled childhood.

Not only that but Tell Me Why happens to be the first major studio to feature a transgender lead character with Tyler.

Citizen Sleeper

The 2022 RPG Citizen Sleeper shows us the lives of residents on a lawless space station that have been affected by interplanetary capitalism.

You play as a non-binary escaped worker known as a sleeper: a digitised human consciousness in an artificial body.

Inspired by TTRPGs, each day will be determined by the role of some dice and it is up to you to build friendships, make money and navigate a strange and diverse metropolis.

Citizen Sleeper /
Fellow Traveller

The Quarry

Those with an urge for some horror can check out The Quarry, a 2022 interactive horror game by Supermassive Games.

With Until Dawn already under its belt, The Quarry is a strong contender and follows a group of nine teenage counselors as they are plunged into a night of horror at their summer camp.

Two of the nine teenagers: Ryan and Dylan are notably queer and a relationship can be explored between the two. Although their relationship doesn’t have a lot of time to develop considering their situation, it is still lovely to explore nonetheless.

Life is Strange

This list wouldn’t be complete without Life is Strange which is free this month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

You follow Max Caulfield as she returns to her hometown but soon discovers she has developed the ability to rewind time. Being able to affect the past, present and future is a heavy burden but Max has her childhood friend Chloe to keep her grounded.

Max can choose to pursue a romantic relationship with Chloe as well as hearing about Chloe’s last relationship with a missing girl called Rachel Amber.

Thirsty Suitors

This 2023 banger about a young woman called Jala who returns to her hometown for her sister’s wedding is not one to miss out on again.

Jala must navigate old relationships with both her family and old lovers all whilst taking part in turn-based RPG battles.

Thirsty Suitors’ Jala is queer as hell and despite her sexuality never being confirmed, her exes range from cis and trans folk covering all genders and sexualities and the game never shies away from this.

Thirsty Suitors /
Annapurna Interactive

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly

Released in 2023 as a sequel to Coffee Talk (although the titles can be played as standalones), Hibiscus and Butterfly tasks you with taking on the role of a barista.

Dust off your coffee machine and get a smile ready for those customers as it is about to get busy but the people you meet along the way will definitely make an impact.

As you brew drinks, you will hear all about the customer’s thoughts and worries and some drama of course. The customers you meet are a diverse bunch ranging from two in a queerplatonic relationship, Silver who we met in the first game but now has a new body and uses he/him pronouns and many more.

The Big Con

Last but certainly not least is The Big Con which follows runaway con artist Ali as she makes her way across ‘90s America.

Pick pockets, don disguises and rip people off in a “comedic crime-filled adventure” as a curious and sarcastic high schooler.

In between causing outright chaos as she sets out to save her family’s video store from the nasty loan sharks, Ali will also be able to enter into a same-sex romance and experience the joys of young love.

Featured Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive/Xbox

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