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'Fable' Studio Playground Games Offering Free Packed Lunches To Kids

'Fable' Studio Playground Games Offering Free Packed Lunches To Kids

Playground Games are following Marcus Rashford's lead

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you're engaged at all with the current affairs in the UK then you'll know there is a massive discussion taking place surrounding free school meals for children. This week is particularly relevant as it's half-term for schools and so children who attend school but come from underprivileged families are going hungry. Lunches that are normally given these children aren't being provided and families are struggling to support them.

Marcus Rashford MBE, an England footballer and activist, has led the charge on ending child food poverty and communities around England have risen to help where the government has failed to provide aid to those in need.

Many businesses are taking part in the call to action, people are donating money and supplies to food banks, and banding together to provide meals to children. One of the businesses getting involved is Playground Games. The developer is best known for the Fable series, a collection of games that take place in a mythological medieval world, filled with sarcastic humour and fantastical adventures.

This week they are partnering with The Olds Coffe Tavern, in Warwick to give away 150 pack lunches a day to children who need free school meals "no questions asked". The image in the Twitter post says: "We are offering 150 free packed lunches per day to children eligible for free school meals, from Tuesday to Friday this week [October 27-30]. Send us a text and we'll help if we can, no questions asked. No child should go hungry."

Their packed lunch will consist of a "Ham or cheese roll, crisps, fruit, juice box". If you would like to get in contact with them the number is 07403 722561 with the number of packed lunches you need and a ham or cheese roll preference.

The collection point and the restaurant involved is The Old Coffee Tavern, 16 The Old Square, Warwick, CV34 4RA.

If you'd like to help to provide food to those in need please contact your local food bank, or you can donate to charities like FareShare

Featured Image Credit: Playground Games

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